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  • Can my dog be in the yard while you are working?
    Yes! We love dogs. In most cases, there are no issues. However, if your dog is territorial and unfriendly please keep your dog(s) indoors while we service your yard.
  • Are you open to holidays?
    No. Our office is closed on major holidays. Those being, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Labor Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day, & the 4th of July. Unless otherwise notified, service will resume the following day.
  • What happens when you arrive?
    When we arrive we will enter your yard, scoop the waste, bag it up and shut the gate behind us.
  • How is my service date determined?
    We service by area. Our routing system will determine the date.
  • What happens if it rains, snows or there is inclement weather on my day of service?"
    We try out best to work through all weather conditions. We do typically work in the rain. However, if it is heavy rain fall or thunderstorms it may require us to stop scooping for that short time. If it continues for the whole day we may have to miss that day. However, we try our best not to. Winter months can be tricky. We do still continue to work in the winter unless temperatures are dangerously low. There are times in the winter we are not able to get all the poop if it is frozen to the ground or if it has just snowed. ​ If for any reason there are changes to the schedule or cancellations we will notify you right away via email.
  • Do you have employees?
    No, we do not. We are currently a one-man show. We are still rather new. As we grow we will, of course, add employees to our team!
  • How does the kitty litter swap work?
    Kitty litter box swap is pretty easy and convenient. You put the litter box on your porch we come clean, sanitize,& deodorize the box. Remove the dirty litter and put fresh. We can choose to supply your own litter or we can supply it for you! We use Tidy Cats Nonclumping litter.
  • Does my gate have to be unlocked?
    Yes, your gate MUST be unlocked. For safety reasons, we will not jump gates. If your gate has a code and you would feel comfortable giving that to us that is fine too.
  • What if I want to skip a service day?
    That's not a problem. Please let us know 24 hours before your scheduled service day.

Contact Us

Give us a call or shoot us an email. We can have a tech out as soon as our next service day in your area. 

We Clean

We walk in a grid pattern to ensure we check every area of your lawn. We also dispose of the waste we collect at no additional cost to you. All of our equipment and shoes are sanitized after each cleaning to prevent any spread of virus.

You Enjoy A Pet Waste Free Home!

Check your front door! Once service is complete we will leave a treat for your pup or cat to enjoy. 

Booking Is As Easy As 1 2 3

Are you interested in our pet waste management service?

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